What to Watch in 2018

Social trends we’re excited to watch during 2018. Plus Fifty & Five named #1 Digital and Social Agency in Central Florida by the Orlando Business Journal.


Fifty & Five named 
 #1 Digital Agency in Central Florida
by the Orlando Business Journal

What to Watch
in 2018

Every year we analyze what worked from the year prior and what we hope to accomplish for the brands we work on behalf of for the upcoming ‘fresh slate.’ This process always involves digging a bit to see what’s new and exciting in the tech world and what we think is actionable.

Here are our TOP 5

  1. Rise of Augmented Reality– Pokémon GO! was just the beginning. Smart Phones will be the conduit to providing more AR experiences to interact with and be a part of. One example is the long-anticipated MAGIC LEAP which was announced at the end of 2017. Get ready!

  2. Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories – Stories are where one can put clickable links which makes it a must for tracking referrer traffic. Hello ROI and with the new highlights feature brands can post their best stories right in their feed for future views and continued amplification.

  3. Focus on micro-influencers – They offer an authentic connection with their fans/followers and can evoke action and increased engagement (sometimes) far faster than macro influencers can.

  4. Focus on Generation Z – 25% of the US population is comprised of Gen Z. The oldest members are 22 years old, entering the workforce and influencing buying habits. It’s time brands pay attention.

  5. Chatbots – The continued rise of artificial intelligence further solidifies the importance of adding chatbots to your brand website. In 2018, a strong shift toward implementing Conversational UI and Voice bots will be the focus.

Resolutions don’t have to be standard,
so we asked some of our staff –‘2018 is the year of ___________ for you?’

Here were some of their responses. 
Year of operating from the space of Abundance!’
Year of action.’
‘Year of adventure!’
‘Year of self-care.’ 
‘Year of me.’
‘Year of LOVE.’