Game Show Network

25% Season finale rating increase


Game Show Network needed to quickly increase ratings for its popular TV show The American Bible Challenge during the shows last four weeks of the season.


Fifty & Five’s Research & Insights team compiled an extensive list of “key infl uencers” that included high-profi le religious figures, entertainers, celebrities, show contestants, show hosts, and “Faith Moment” contributors. The social media outreach strategy involved a multi-pronged approach using Facebook and Twitter where the influencers were engaged with through the GSN accounts . In addition to the outreach, the Fifty & Five team was responsible for all content creation, live tweeting and a Twitter contest.


The shows overall rating jumped by 11%

The season finale rating increased by 25%

4mm impressions were garnered through @GSN_Bible, @GSN and the #TheAmericanBibleChallenge hashtag

Facebook fans increased by 70% from 24k to 40k

277 new Twitter followers were added

In addition, the campaign sparked new and additional interest from a younger audience, particularly those in the 18-44 demographic.



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